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Fighting for Our Fair Share


For too long Albany has been sending Long Island tax dollars to New York City and Upstate New York; for every 3 dollars we pay in taxes, only 2 get reinvested in our communities. It’s time we have a voice in Albany that will fight to make sure we get our fair share back.

Unfunded Mandates

At a time when municipalities are working to stay below the 2 percent tax cap, it is absurd that the State is trying to force additional unfunded mandates on us. We need to demand that all new policies required by Albany get paid for by Albany.

Adequate funding for our schools

The NYS Legislature must stop sending unfunded mandates to our School Districts and start providing the funding and resources that are needed. Senator Marcellino continues to vote for budgets that do not provide our school districts with our fair share of State funding. I will fight to make sure that our public schools are fully funded to provide a quality education for all of our children here on Long Island.