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Upcoming NRA fundraiser in New Hyde Park faces backlash


NEW HYDE PARK - The Nassau County Friends of the NRA is hosting its annual banquet fundraiser in September at The Inn at New Hyde Park, but some residents are speaking out against the event.

"We are allowed to use our voices to say we don't want this in our backyard," said Jacqueline Braunstein.

Tickets begin at $65 for tickets to the fundraiser, which features gun auctions and raffles. People opposed to the event are asking the catering hall where it will be held to reconsider hosting it.

"I think it is outrageous they would be doing this at this time under these circumstances," said Jim Gaughran, a candidate for New York State Senate in the 5th District.

The manager of the The Inn at New Hyde Park told FiOS1 News that the event was booked in December and that hosting it was purely a business decision.

"We are not associated with the NRA or friends with the NRA. Who they are does not reflect us, our views, or our opinions," said Cynthia Pesce Oswald.

In response to the opposition, the Nassau County Friends of the NRA released a statement on their Facebook page, saying in part, "Those opposing views are an attack against an establishment for doing business with the Friends of the NRA. I am reaching out to you to stand and fight with me against these groups who think they can bully anyone with views that differ from theirs."

Several gun safety groups say they plan to protest the banquet every day.